Warning (2021)

Watch Warning 2021 Movie free online streaming on levidia website in full HD video quality without any membership or registration. The film is very Wright when we see how British and musical it is, also with its hints of terror and even some of its humor. The bet is clear as soon as we see that it is aligned with the #MeToo but what I liked is how it takes a classic element of London history (to mention it would be a spoiler) and turns it around. Maybe this is one of the times that I see more than there really is, but the director of ‘Zombies party’ and ‘Welcome to the end of the world’ takes that dangerous past of London and uses it in favor of the cause.

It is the filmmaker’s least comic film and one realizes at the end of the film that the theme required it. As he used to do the fantasy terror or the Italian horror cinema of the sixties and seventies, he uses fear and the female body to tell a story, but not for free, but with intentionality. ​Watch more Batflix Thriller Movies free streaming within a click.

Movie Overview

Title: Warning (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Thriller, Sci-Fi
Directors: Agata Alexander
Writer: Agata Alexander, Rob Michaelson, Rob Michaelson
Stars: Thomas Jane, Thomas Jane, Toni Garrn

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