The Toll (2021)

Watch The Toll 2021 Movie free online streaming full HD cinema print on batflix website without any membership. The ride sharing arouses, perhaps even unconsciously, sinister thoughts, a sense of danger. Who will really be my Uber driver? What if it’s a bad guy on the hunt for his next victim? Pervaded by similar fears, Cami ( Jordan Hayes ), the protagonist of The Toll by Michael Nader , thus gets on Spencer’s car ( Max Topplin). In fact, her father, from whom she is visiting, should have come to pick up the girl, but her plane flight had a considerable delay and landed in the middle of the night. And if Cami is already in itself distressed by the situation, to make matters worse, there is her destination, a ranch in the middle of nowhere. Not only that, its driver has something disturbing about it. It’s not about what he says, it’s about how he does it.

Spencer starts making conversation and, first of all, as a perfect stalker, points out how much he likes her profile photo. At the beginning of The Toll, however, we saw him scrolling through the App of the service several possible customers and choosing carefully, and a little morbidly, just her (complete with a ‘maniac’ mimic). However, this Cami doesn’t know, but still feels a feeling of discomfort. Even worse, it emerges that he is a hunter specialized in the use of bow and arrows and, when asked by the passenger about what kind of animals he prefers, the man asserts “Deer … human …” and then laughs and says it is a joke. In short, the perception that Spencer constitutes a threat is not so unmotivated. So it is understandable that when he takes a little signposted road that goes into the woods at 3.00 at night, Cami is very worried. Watch more Batflix horror Movies streaming full hd quality without any cost.

Movie Overview

Title: The Toll (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Horror, Thriller
Directors: Michael Nader
Writer: Michael Nader
Stars: Jordan Hayes, Max Topplin, James McGowan

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