The Protege (2021)

Watch The Protege 2021 Movie streaming free on batflix website in full HD 1080p cinema quality without any registration. What I enjoyed most about the film was the quality of the acting and of the fight scenes. While I vaguely remember Maggie Q from Live Free or Die Hard and never watched Nikita, I had an idea that she could hold her own in the fights department. She was graceful and effortless in those scenes and it was a delight to behold. To my surprise, so was Michael Keaton. Maybe not as graceful, his body just doesn’t quite move that way anymore, but he was very believable as the veteran lethal weapon. And the performances outside of the action were even better. I know Maggie Q is a veteran actor, but starring alongside Keaton and Jackson is going to be intimidating to the vast majority of actors out there. Maggie Q meets the moment and then some, quite comfortable in her role and easily keeping up with the two old hands.

What really makes the movie is the actors are given actual character arcs and development to work with. Most assassin movies can barely be bothered to develop their characters beyond hi-yah and pew-pew. This film actually takes the time to make the audience actually feel an emotion or two about Anna, Moody, and Michael. Michael is especially interesting, playing the big villain’s main enforcer, but not written as an idiot. The rapport he develops with Anna and the conflict he has with his own colleagues makes it tough for the audience to decide whether to like him or hate him. It’s a pretty unique thing to find in an August action flick and one I hope to find in future films. Watch more free Batflix Action Movies free online within a click.

Movie Overview

Title: The Protege (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Action, Crime, Thriller
Directors: Martin Campbell
Writer: Richard Wenk
Stars: Michael Keaton, Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson

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