The Princess (2022)

Watch The Princess 2022 Movie online full free for streaming on batflix website in HD quality. It’s hard to generate enthusiasm for movies like ‘The Princess,’ which absolutely dominate a market desperate to blindly capitalize on progressive values ​​and ideas.”

Well, let’s see, and let it be known that everyone is free to let their obsessions and phobias free: this film has no more political pretension than to take the current easy ideas and make a few dollars with a stupid plot in a film that is, literally, a scene after another of slaps, clichés and a manual of narrative simplicity at the service of the most banal entertainment. To take this as the conspiracy of some party in the face of the White House elections… seems like too much to us.

After a sovereign stupidity like Sharkwater , The Princess gives us another easy film lesson but… with rhythm, entertaining and nice that does not intend to teach us about anything and is rather an opportunistic sibversion of princess stories in a version of a girl handing out punches, sword blows, kicks, karate… with ninja training in the Middle Ages.

It’s kind of a fun “girls in power” kind of thing. She does not invent the genre nor are the ideas so modern: stupidity and the tendency to easy entertainment come to the human being from very old. Watch more Batflix online full free for streaming within a click.

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Title: The Princess (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Drama, Fantasy
Directors: Le-Van Kiet
Writer: Ben Lustig, Jake Thornton
Stars: Joey King, Olga Kurylenko, Antoni Davidov

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