Pil’s Adventures (2022)

Pil, a young girl, lives on the streets of Roc-En-Brume. She steals food from Tristain’s castle, who has usurped the throne. To avoid his guards, she dresses up in a princess gown and pretends to be a noble lady one day. She then embarks on a crazy and delusory journey to save Roland, the prince who has been enchanted and transformed into a “cat” (half cat, half bird). This book teaches children that nobility can be found in everyone through a story full of twists and turns. Watch more Levidia Movies free for streaming in HD print.

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Title: Pil’s Adventures (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Fantasy
Directors: Julien Fournet
Writer: Julien Fournet
Stars: Kaycie Chase, Paul Borne, Julien Crampon