Music (2021)

Watch Music 2021 batflix movie full free streaming online in 720p HD cinema quality without any membership. One of the many problems that Sias film suffers from is that the focus changes again and again and until the end it is completely unclear whose story is actually being told here: Is it that of music, as the title suggests, or not much more those of Zu? Again and again the suspicion arises that Music’s neurodiversity is not really of genuine interest, but primarily serves to promote Zus’s development from the irresponsible young woman to a kind of caring mother figure.

In the end, the film threatens to lose sight of music completely, more and more the story turns away from it, so that in the end it almost looks like an appendage to Zu and Ebo, which only serves to continue the developing love story. Like many other things, this leaves a rather stale aftertaste and reinforces the impression that Sia and her team have made a huge difference on this topic. Maddie Ziegler’s cast as autistic, which had already been heavily criticized in advance, is at least unhappy in view of the way the actress (and goddaughter Sias) copes with her role with a strong grimace. Watch more Batflix Movies online 720p without any membership.

Movie Overview

Title: Music (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Drama, Musical
Directors: Sia
Writer: Dallas Clayton, Sia
Stars: Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., Maddie Ziegler