Emily the Criminal (2022)

Due to the film’s focus on Emily’s criminal progression, whose goals are reduced to obtaining more and more money no matter what she has to do, very little is known about the psychological background of the character in Emily the Criminal. For her, any means are justified by the end.

The character is developed in a way that feels authentic, even though it occasionally necessitates too much of a suspension of disbelief on the part of the viewer. He would have added to the stereotype if he had used psychological explanations for his actions based on his past, as is currently very popular. As presented, the character gains in complexity as the plot progresses.

Since he had previously only written and directed a short film, John Patton Ford’s filmography is very small. This is his first feature-length work. Although it is an impressive debut, he is clumsy and simplifies the plot when it comes to solving a plot that develops with great tension, one that can make the viewer uncomfortable, feel imprisoned by what he sees, and still manage to identify with Emily. He does a great job of acting direction. Watch more novaflix streaming VF free online without any membership.

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Title: Emily the Criminal (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Directors: John Patton Ford
Writer: John Patton Ford
Stars: Aubrey Plaza, Theo Rossi, Bernardo Badillo

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